Project Description

Mercato Centrale

The Client

Established in late 2010, Mercato Centrale is the country’s premier night food market operator known for their wide array and continuously curated choices of home-based food vendors at affordable prices. Inspired by the popular Asian street food scene, Mercato Centrale is also a startup discovery, incubator and innovation center offering start ups access to foodies through weekend markets in Metro Manila. They have built an ecosystem to support both aspiring and budding food entrepreneurs in their journey towards business success – bringing Filipinos closer together and filling empty tummies along the way.

Mamay’s Crispylicious Logo Design

A clean colorful logo that represents the joy of having a bite from Mamay’s.

The blue bandana represents the street food aspect of the brand. The brand name is placed inside a smile to represent good Filipino Street Food that makes you feel good.

Edgy’s Fruit Drinks Logo Design

We went for a hand-drawn look for the name and icons to meet the rustic and youthful image that the client wanted. We placed fruits inside bottles indicating what they sell. The words “fruit drinks” are in serif font to balance out the rustic and youthful feel – reminding the consumers that this is a business and the juices are definitely fresh.

Aces Cuisine Logo Design

The client wanted a modern yet rustic look using the colors red, yellow, and white.

The logo we made consists of a flame icon with a fork inside formed using negative space. This represents cooked food hot off the grill. Aces Cuisine’s font has a wood-like texture to balance out the modern icon with a more rustic looking font. Using all caps, we still achieve the contemporary look.

The Rundown

Mercato Centrale offered their vendors the opportunity to revamp their logos and booths to help make them standout among all their competitors. That’s where we came in. We gave the vendors a design brief to fill up and based on their directives we proceeded. Food is always fun to brand as I’m sure you’ll see here. Take a peak into our process!

The major struggle was ensuring that no 2 concepts looked alike. We also had to keep in mind the wooden crates that Mercato provides to each vendor. For the booths, we also needed to tread carefully and make sure that the ideas/designs we give would be affordable and transportable.


The client wanted something quirky to match their existing logo. They wanted something animated, playful, and funny. They definitely wanted the color light blue somewhere and to incorporate cows and UFOs somehow.

We loved their whole alien quirky vibe and so decided to make their signboard a whole piece to be able to fit their logo and put illuminated stars.

Mamay’s Crispylicious Booth Design

The client wanted “pang-gimik” vibes, modern and youthful looking with light colors.

Edgy’s Fruit Drinks Booth Design

The client wanted a rustic and youthful look that includes plants, farm-like elements, and fruits. They also wanted to incorporate the colors green, yellow, blue and/or nature colors as much as possible.

Camino’s Booth Design

The client wanted consistency in their brand’s theme: Lucha Libre. They wanted to attract younger audiences by finding a balance between rustic and kiddie.  They were inspired by the animated movie “Coco”, so they wanted colorful and fun too.

Fingers N’ Flavors

The client wanted a rustic, youthful barnyard look.