Project Description

Krispy Kreme: Dough it Forward 2017

Petch Worldwide commissioned GrafikGiraffe to create the campaign videos for Krispy Kreme. As a way of promoting kindness during the Christmas season, customers were given the opportunity to “pay it forward” or in this case “dought it forward”. Customer A purchases an original glazed donut and a free donut will be given to the person next in line to them. Customer B will then hopefully do the same creating a chain of kindness.

So they needed videos promoting and explaining the campaign, and documenting a Krispy Kreme branch executing the campaign. The video ran for only two weeks so viewer engagement and interest were crucial.

For the promotion video, we made an animation video explaining the process of how the promo works and documented its first day, staging a few customers first to attract curiosity. Eventually other customers partook in the campaign and it became a warm, thoughtful event.

View the promotion video here and the campaign coverage here.