Extrapolation: Sunshine Blue Music Video

Extrapolation, an independent jazz band from Manila, approached GrafikGiraffe to create the music video for their song Sunshine Blue.

Sunshine Blue was written with people who come and go in mind, and metaphorically also about people with sundown syndrome, which is a form of dementia in which people start to lose their memory at night.

Due to the feel of the song, the team and the band chose to shoot the video out of town. We specifically chose Zambales for its wide, sandy shores which were also very appropriate for the concept of “sundowning”. We used the band instead of talents as we wanted to authentically portray the feeling of the members having different lives outside of the band but truly caring for each other deep down. Form a gig the band decides to head out of town. They end up exploring Zambales until they find the beach and fall asleep by the shore. Finally, they wake up together still.


View the video here.