Earl of MNL

Earl of Manila is an electronic solo artist whose music stands out and has a balance of dark emotional chord progressions with appealing pop melodies and lyrics.

Earl needed a music video for his thesis in college and to finally launch his career. The song “Stranger” is about how a couple can be extremely close one second, like they can’t live without each other, and then act like total strangers the next second.

We wanted to portray a true relationship and an honest break-up. We told the story through a lesbian couple as we wanted to represent other sexualities besides the overplayed heterosexual relationships. We had a day and a half to shoot all the scenes, part of which we shot during Earl’s actual graduation party. We introduced the actresses, Lalaine Quinan and Carol Ramirez, weeks before the shoot to influence their chemistry. Lalaine’s acting prowess as a thespian at UP Manila helped elevate Carol, who had no acting background. For the coloring, Director Brian Aligada was inspired by pink and blue tones that Earl also liked. You can occasionally watch this music video on MTV PH.

Watch the music video here