The Client


CBDI is a company bent on creating a community that understand the benefits and capabilities of bamboo. They offer space for teaching and learning, give advice on putting upbamboo farms, and their product line BAMBU BLACK demonstrates the power of activated bamboo charcoal. With this sense of community and knowledge transfer capability, we created their brand withvectors and hand-drawn elements inspired by their passion and love for agriculture.

Visit their website at www.cbdi.ph

CBDI Logo Design


The logo consists of 3 elements: a circle, hands holding 2 bamboo stems together, and the name of the company. 

The circle represents the sun, the Earth, and life itself. It’s eternal and never-ending which is perfect for a company that promotes a plant so valuable in helping communities and the land. 

The bamboo stems and the hands holding them together represent the community that CBDI has formed and their strength and resilience.




 Logo Color: Green - used sparingly to ensure the logo doesn’t get outshined. But Green was chosen since it represents life, growth, moving forward, and bamboo itself.


 Primary color: “Mustard Orange” – used for the graphic elements. Orange is attention-grabbing, energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, and represents risk- takers. It also compliments logo’s color green.


 Secondary color: “Milky Green” – used for the graphic elements. It reminds us of the sea which compliments CBDI’s love for bamboo and agriculture.


Cream is the background color. Solid cream backgrounds can be used for materials or createtwo-toned backgrounds with cream and white. Cream represents the sand and the earth from which plants sprout from. It’s a sophisticated color that evokes a sense of history and iswarmer hence more approachable than white.


 Charcoal for contrast when and if needed - used sparingly, usually just for text on marketing collaterals. Charcoal is softer for the eyes than solid black. Charcoal (dark grey) communicates the strength of black but doesn’t possess its negativity. At the same time the charcoal is also a main ingredient used in CBDI’s Bambu Black product line.


Graphic Elements


The weave patterns not only represent products that can be made with bamboo, but also a strong community and the bond they can create. 
The dots and circles represent bamboo cross sections, community, and life.
The lines represent a cluster of bamboo and also the bamboo poles itself
The half circles represent this sunrise industry. 
The layout of the marketing materials was inspired by the layout and patterns of Memphis design patterns. The patterns represent bamboo clusters – they appear chaotic, but when put all together make sense.


The Website

We gave the website a professional yet approachable feel by using big images, a san serif font, and the right amount of text that gets the message across right away.

Visit their website at www.cbdi.ph