PSID Yearbook

Editor-In-Chief: Trisha Quintos of PSID Graduating Batch 2017
Creative Photo Concept: grafikGiraffe
Art Directors: Brian Aligada and Inna Cristobal
Design and Layout of Yearbook: Patrick David, Alyssa Diaz with help from Paulo Engo
Illustrators: Brian Aligada, Alyssa Diaz, Gelly Reyes, Jet Ilagan, Ahl Mirambel, Monique Ampil, Li Ganesan, Kimberly Quiogue, Yani Tiangco, Jacob Hallazgo
Photographer: Inna Cristobal
Photo Editors: Inna Cristobal, Alyssa Diaz, Yani Tiangco, Brian Burias, Angela Reyes, Ahl Mirambel
Lights: FlashPoint Photo Studio

Drone Reel 2018

Marquina Shoemaker

Portraits of Love

Pinoytuner Presents: Inch Chua – Artful Dodger

Family Wellness Center Foundation

First Oceanic Property Management

First Oceanic Property Management

Website Design and Copywriting

Website Design and Development

Website Design: Brian Aligada
Website Development: Brian Ng and FOPM
Copywriting: Inna Cristobal and Alyssa Diaz