How can we help you tell your story?


First impressions and consistent branding through graphics and web design are vital to any brand or story.


Today, video’s ability to convey important messages and engaging stories quickly make them a crucial tool for brands.


Photos are essential to all brands and projects thanks to its ability to convey emotion or a message in an instant.

Our Passion

grafikGiraffe helps set your imagination free and bring your ideas to life. We are a multimedia studio composed of passionate and talented artists who believe in the power of partnership and collaboration. We think passion is worth sharing, so we find the perfect harmony between your ideas and ours.

Everyone has a story to tell. We will tell the world yours!

Our Projects

Our Partners

Our People

Brian Aligada

Video Production, Graphics, Web Design & Development

Inna Cristobal

Photography, Video Production, Graphics

Patrick David

Graphics, Industrial Design, Print Media

Alyssa Diaz

Web Design & Development, Graphics

Jetrick Ilagan

Video Production & Graphics

Gelly Reyes

Video Production & Graphics

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